I liked your design for "________", why aren't model pieces from that for sale?

There are a few different reasons why:

// The models that I build for my designs are intended to communicate to the director, the design team, and the theater company what my design looks like in 3D. Because I use models as a communication tool, I don't always structurally build models to be durable, easily come apart into pieces, or to survive being taken apart at all. However, now that my store is open, I will try to keep this in mind as I build future models! 

// I frequently reuse model pieces between models, especially furniture. The pieces represented in my store are those that are too unique or specific for me to repurpose or reuse.

// I have limited space in my studio, so sometimes I don't have enough room to keep a model and have to break it down and throw it away. Now that my store is open, I will try to be conscious of whether or not I can save pieces!

// Sometimes, theater companies keep the model that I build, so I no longer have access to them. This is particularly true of my designs at The Muny! 

I liked your design for "________", could you do a Paint Print for that show?

For most shows, I can absolutely do that! Please feel free to send your suggestion to me via my CONTACT ME page or email me at

I noticed that your store uses PayPal, is there a different way that I could pay you?

I am happy to use Venmo instead of my store's PayPal function. If you're interested in using an alternative way of paying for your purchase, please email me at or use my CONTACT ME page. Please include the item you would like to purchase and your shipping address, and we will go from there! 

I live outside of the USA, can you ship me a model piece or print?

I'm so sorry, but I'm currently not set up to ship outside of the US. However if you would like to discuss me shipping to you, please feel free to me via my CONTACT ME page or email me at and we can try to work something out. 

So, your model pieces are indestructible and I can smash them on the floor, right?

Nope! All the model pieces for sale in my store had a previous life in a scale model for a show I designed. Those models do not need to withstand much more than a ride in a car and being carried back and forth from the rehearsal room to the scenery shop. Some of the model pieces can withstand a fall onto the floor, but most are quite delicate and can easily be broken if they aren't handled with care. Please be careful! If one of your model pieces gets broken, please feel free to reach out and I can advise you on materials and techniques for fixing the piece!

Why was my item shipped in a Kaldi Coffee/Amazon/Yankee Candle box?

I am a box hoarder and am using this shop as an opportunity to get rid of some of the boxes I've been holding on to!

I have an idea for a custom scale model piece or print I would like. 

Awesome! I'm totally happy to talk to you about your idea. Please feel free to reach out to me via my CONTACT ME page or email me at

How often do you update your store?

This is a bit of an unknown for me, at the moment! However, I will try to send out emails through my MAILING LIST whenever I have new items for sale!

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